Spiritualist Church of African Traditions Yahweh Intl., Inc.

ChurchOfJuju.com is a Spiritualist site with emphasis on African Spiritualism and Bible Magick. We provide information, news, groups, and connections, plus the teachings of the Founding Prelate, Bishop Dr. Christos Kioni. Share your views, discuss the nature of Your spirituality and the law of attraction. Join us to learn about African Traditional Religions, celebrate your spirituality and in general, hang out with fellow Christians Mystics, freethinkers and spiritual practitioners.

Additionally we provide spiritual practitioners, lay ministers and any one called of God legal ordination to protect their religious liberties to practice ancestral customs. We also offer a church covering for current and aspiring pastors.

Where are we located? We are geographically everywhere as is the Spirit of Yahweh and the Ancestors. We have no need for a building because the Temple of God is our hearts. Our administrative Archdiocese is located in Cocoa, Florida.

Our message is simple: Remember the Golden Rule. Follow God with your heart. Remember your ancestors and be ethical, responsible practitioners.


His Grace Bishop Dr. Christos Kioni

Founder - Presiding Prelate

Headquarters: Cocoa, FL

Mail:PO BOX 925

Sharpes, FL 32959-6025

Office Phone: (321) 307-9017

Spiritualist Church of African Traditions Yahweh Intl., Inc.
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